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Many people learn MUCH faster by watching something done rather than reading about it…

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Why Video Drastically Increases Your Income?

Remember when I said that Facebook is easy, if you do things correctly and that the DETAILS are where most people get stuck?

Facebook helps us to make money in many different ways both with free and paid marketing…

That’s why you need to really understand and comprehend EVERY SINGLE DETAIL that you’re being taught inside the training…

…Which is why I created the video version of Magnetic Facebook Marketing…

…to make absolutely sure you don't miss any of the key, crucial and important DETAILS when it comes to:

  • How to quickly add 5,000 friends from your target market in Facebook within 90 days or less...
  • The little-known trick to getting UNLIMITED Facebook subscribers and followers for FREE...
  • How to combine Bridge Marketing and Facebook chat to generate $100, $200 or more per day with just a few minutes of work…
  • he right way to use Facebook ads without spending a fortune… if you have a few bucks to invest, you’ll learn how to combine it with your overall FB marketing strategy and get MAS
  • The super sneaky way to use Facebook to spy on your competition, tap into their traffic, and hijack their sales… Don’t worry, it’s legal.

In Fact, Missing Just One Step Of
Facebook Marketing Can Result In…

Flushing Out Money

Lesser Conversions

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Module 1 – High Quality Magnetic Facebook Marketing Guide
- VALUE: $960.00 -

Video content has a much higher perceived value than just a PDF report. You’ll get the same great Magnetic Facebook Marketing content in a high-quality video format that you & your customers will love!

It's a very practical course that even a complete beginner can follow and get results with it. No fluff theories. Only actionable steps to succeed.

What Is Included?

  • We’ve put together 10 AMAZING training videos on Magnetic Facebook Marketing that are full of high value content that’s going to AMAZE you & your customers.
  • You can offer this high quality brand new updated video training as an UPSELL to your main product. These will double your profits drastically!
  • These aren't just 10 random videos which are thrown together, but they include the absolute latest, and most cutting-edge information on Magnetic Facebook Marketing.
  • These videos aren't just products your customers will enjoy, but you're likely going to find yourself getting a TON of real value out of these videos yourself... that's how high quality they are.

Magnetic Facebook Marketing

  • Video 0- Introduction - 00:02:41
  • Video 1- Don't Join the Army of Magnetic Facebook Marketing Failures - 00:04:37
  • Video 2- Shocking Fact: Magnetic Facebook is Everywhere! - 00:04:23
  • Video 3- Save Time and Money by Deciding NOT to Do This - 00:03:48
  • Video 4- The Two-Step Trick to Effective Magnetic Facebook Marketing - 00:04:10
  • Video 5- How Do You Find Hot Content? - 00:03:46
  • Video 6- Maximize Niche Targeting for Your Curated Content - 00:05:56
  • Video 7- Remember to protect yourself when sharing others’ content - 00:05:50
  • Video 8- How to share Magnetic Facebook Marketing content on Facebook - 00:08:21
  • Video 9- How to share Magnetic Facebook Marketing content on Twitter - 00:06:04
  • Video 10- Filter your content format to go viral on many platforms - 00:04:26
  • Video 10- Conclusions - 00:01:26

** Includes Full Private Label Rights! **

  • Resell this high quality video training for $47 - $97 a pop
  • Built it out into a private membership site and charge a monthly fee
    Add it as a high-quality bonus to your products
  • You can change and publish the products offline! (DVD, home study course, seminar material)
  • And so much more! The sky is the limit!

Module 2 - Ready Made Upsell Sales Page

- VALUE: $650.00 -

Aside from the high converting upsell sales copy, you'll also receive a professional readymade sales page which you need to sell your upsell offer... and this sales copy is ALSO written by a Professional Copywriter as well.

Having an upsell offer can DOUBLE, even TRIPLE how much money you earn overall... so you'll get your investment back here several times over.

Module 3 - Legal Pages

- VALUE: $750.00 -

Don't just enjoy the sales copy and readymade sales page which you need to promote your upsell offer, but get the entire minisite for it as well, so you can simply upload it to your host, add the copy, and you're ready to begin offering your upsell (for whatever price you choose).

We really couldn't make this any easier for you... all the coding's completely done for you.

Module 4 - Hypnotic Video Sales Page

- VALUE $297.00-

To make promoting your upsell offer and making sales even easier, we’re giving you 2 videos to choose from.

  • New Generation, doodle-style sales video
  • Professionally created normal sales video

These videos are extremely popular because they work... People love them, and when you combine this with your professional sales page, you’ll be making sales right out of the gates.

These videos have been carefully crafted using the 'hypnotic' copywriting formula that will ENGAGE your visitors and skyrocket the overall sales conversions.

See an example here…

Module 5 - Affiliate Page With Swipes & Banners

- VALUE: $150.00 -

  • Ready-made promo tools page for your affiliates. Attract affiliates to promote your product easily!
  • Lots of pre-written swipes for your affiliates to choose from!
  • Includes embedded email swipes and subject lines
  • Stunning affiliate banners
  • Easy-to-customize HTML template.

Module 6 - Follow-Up Emails For The Upsell

- VALUE: $125.00 -

If your customers don’t buy the upsell right after their initial purchase, that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck… increase your dollars per customer substantially with this professionally written email follow-up sequence!

Module 7 - Professional Squeeze Page To Build Your List

- VALUE: $125.00 -

We've designed a squeeze page to allow you to do just that. It's written with compelling, persuasive copy to get people to feel like they absolutely HAVE TO enter in their e-mail address and get that free report right away. It's also designed with Conversion Rate Optimization in-mind, so you can bet it will give you the highest conversion rate possible.

You can send traffic right to this squeeze page, and start making money off the list you're building right away.

Module 8 - Give Away Report To Build Your List

- VALUE: $200.00 -

No sales funnel is complete without a free giveaway… Forget boring PDF reports, you’ll be able to giveaway this stunning video content in exchange for your prospects’ email addresses….

Module 9- Full Set of Professionally Designed Graphics

- VALUE: $750.00 -

You're going to get the complete set of professionally designed graphics, including any CD/DVD covers, artwork necessary to sell the product, and a whole lot more.

This will make the training more presentable, and much easier to sell.

Module 10 - License Pack


And of course, you'll get the private label rights, master resell rights and resell rights licenses for all the above modules.

Total Real World Value: $3,997+

Get Your Copy With Just $350.00

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Fast Action BONUS #1

(Valued at $150)

Voice Over Audios

On top of the videos and presentation slides, we'll also give you the complete audio series as well.

This means that if your customers want to load the audio files onto their MP3 Player and listen to them in their car, or in the gym, they can do that as well.

Again, these are 100% Private Label as well, so feel free to rename the files and add in whatever name you desire.

Fast Action BONUS #2

(Valued at $150)

High Ticket Authority

In This Course, You'll Find Out How To Make a Killing Selling $997, $1997, $4997, Even $20,000 High Ticket Products and Programs

How To Create, Package And Sell Your Own High Ticket Course And Attract High Paying Clients.

How to create a high ticket product that you’re really proud of and that you’re willing to sell for a lot of money



100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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We are so confident that this “Magnetic Facebook Marketing ”guide will give you the exact techniques to skyrocket your business success in the shortest time ever. You can feel secure in your decision to say yes. And if for any reason, you decide this product is not for you, stay relaxed as you are entitled to a prompt refund without any hassle. We offer a 100% money back guarantee with a trial of 30 days. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.

Please note that we will need a valid reason for 
processing your refund request.

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There’s no question you need an upsell in your funnel to maximize your profits…

If you don’t already have an upsell planned, you need to get this today.

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